Exciting upcoming game releases!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my board game wishes. And I don’t believe I’ve had an all-video blog post before so I thought I would make one. Some new games have whet my gaming appetite. Here is a list of a few of them.

1. Flick ’em Up!

If you know my gaming tastes, you know I dislike dexterity components in my game mechanics. Flick ’em Up! is nothing more than a series of dexterity components wrapped in bacon. And I love bacon.

The dexterity component is so well executed in this game I cannot help but be intrigued. You flick a disc to move your cowboy. You flick a bullet to kill our opponents. You have shootouts. It looks like it’s a lot of FUN!

Interest level: A-

2. War of Kings

I’ve been on the outs with A Game of Thrones: the Board Game. It’s not that great of a game. I used to like it a lot. Now I think it’s pretty good but has several flaws. I’m looking for a game that will scratch that itch.

War of Kings just might fit that bill. Action cards, trading, expansion, development…we’ve finally got a medieval fantasy 4X game!

Now if I can talk Nate into buying it, reading the rules and teaching me the game, I’ll be all set.

Interest level: A+


3. Port Royal

I’m a sucker for push-your-luck games. It’s a hard game mechanic to implement well. And if it is implemented well, I usually like the game. I came across Port Royal on boardgamegeek.com. And I think I found a good entry into the push-your-luck field.

I’m also intrigued by the card drafting mechanic. It seems Port Royal has solved the four player solitaire quandary so many other games nowadays seem to be stuck in.

Interest level: B+


4. A Study of Emerald

Neil Gaiman’s book “A Study in Emerald” is a cult classic. Martin Wallace is a game designer extraordinaire. When he published the board game of A Study in Emerald, it sold out quickly. Copies of it went for $200. Consumers beseeched Wallace to publish more copies.

And he has promised to do so.

The 2nd Edition looks awesome. Now if I can get Kevin to buy a copy, read the rules and teach me the game–I’ll be all set.

Interest level: A-


5. Spheres of Influence

I’ve been intrigued by the 80’s game “Supremacy”, a combination of Monopoly and Risk. A game about the Cold War to the War on Terror is a welcome addition to my collection.

Then I saw Spheres of Influence. It looks like a streamlined version of Supremacy. This MAY be a good thing. I’m intrigued by Spheres of Influence but I have some reservations still. The combat looks like it could be swingy. And I suspect the game could have runaway leader problems.

Interest level: B


6. Forbidden Stars

Jon and I played StarCraft: The Board Game back in the Club Sternberg days. The game didn’t go over well. Then Jon traded for El Grande, Junta and Perikles. Now he wishes he hadn’t made that trade.

Then Fantasy Flight decided to reskin StarCraft with a 40K theme. And I am very excited. This looks like it could be quite good. Tech upgrades, landing invasions, space combat. This could scratch my TI3 itch when we have fewer than 5 players. Now if I can get Dusty to buy the game, read the rules and then teach me the game–I’ll be all set.

Interest level: A+


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