Forbidden Stars: a new favorite

I had the opportunity to play Forbidden Stars for the second time. And that play has affirmed its status as a new favorite. It’s hard to really describe why I like the game. It just does a lot of things other games have done…it just does them better. What other games are we talking about? Let’s┬ádiscuss.

Forbidden Stars from Fantasy Flight Games
Forbidden Stars from Fantasy Flight Games



1. Kemet

Muskegon finds Kemet to be a good entry for the genre

Forbidden Stars reminds me of Kemet. Both are about attacking and winning battles. Once the victory point total is reached, the game ends.

New players may have the same tendency in both games to try to build big armies and stave off attacks. But the goal is to win battles, not stave off attacks.

Both games have a card driven combat system. Both have a tech tree of sorts. Both have tons of expansion possibilities. But Forbidden Stars does all of those things better.

I rate Kemet an 8. I give Forbidden Stars a 9.

Winner: Forbidden Stars


2. A Game of Thrones: The Board Game

Muskegon loves A Game of Thrones: the board game
A Game of Thrones

Forbidden Stars also reminds me of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game from Fantasy Flight.

Both have faction specific strategies. Both are asymmetrical. They both have a card driven combat system. Both have programmed movement.

I originally liked A Game of Thrones when I first played it. The 2nd edition is an improvement over the 1st edition. But the game mechanics in AGOT now seem so dated. This is where Forbidden Stars really breaks away from A Game of Thrones.

A Game of Thrones rating: 4

Forbidden Stars: 9

Winner: Forbidden Stars




3. Warrior Knights

Warrior Knights is Muskegon's favorite fantasy board game
Warrior Knights

Warrior Knights fired A Game of Thrones. Warrior Knights basically does everything AGOT should do but better.

Warrior Knights has much in common with Forbidden Stars as well. There is programmed movement, card driven combat and a tech tree option.

The card driven combat in Forbidden Stars is better than the system in Warrior Knights. That’s because the combat system in Forbidden Stars is absolutely inspired.

Having said that, I still think Warrior Knights is a bit better than Forbidden Stars. Who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind in the coming game plays.

Warrior Knights: 10

Forbidden Stars: 9

Winner: Warrior Knights


4. Runewars

Runewars from Fantasy Flight is a Muskegon favorite
Runewars from Fantasy Flight

Despite it’s weak reception at CabinCon II, Runewars is a great game. The Muskegon Area Gamers have not given it the attention it deserves.

And this great game shares things in common with Forbidden Stars. Both have unique armies/units. Both have various types of resources you can harvest. Both have unique decks of cards for each faction, adding to the asymmetry. Both require players to win battles to score points. Both have modular game boards for unique experiences with each play. Both are exceptional 4 player games.

Where Forbidden Stars breaks away from Runewars is the inspired combat system and in time of play.

Runewars: 8

Forbidden Stars: 9

Winner: Forbidden Stars


5. Care for a game?

Muskegon Area Gamers loves Forbidden Stars
Forbidden Stars

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