The Gaming Annex’s newest additions

Christmas 2014 is now in the books. And, as expected, I received some games. Here is a brief rundown.

1. Clash of Cultures: Civilizations

Muskegon's favorite civilization game: Clash of Cultures
Clash of Cultures












I loved Clash of Cultures when it first came out. Building a civilization from scratch, exploration and warfare. What’s not to love? But the opening moves seemed a little scripted. The opening play was some variation of making one city happy and then using that city to get +1 resources.

The expansion fixes that to an extent. Players take on specific civilizations each with their own tech tree and abilities. This means that players may (and often often should) choose a different opening.

We’ve played this three times since I’ve gotten it. And it’s been a big hit! Thanks Santa!


2. Rampage 

Monsters are on the Rampage in Muskegon!
Rampage: Terror in Meepleville











There was a video game called Rampage many years ago. Players would take on the role of a monster and crush as many buildings as possible. The board game recreates this video game perfectly. In fact, the board game is much better than the video game. Players drop their monsters onto the board to crush buildings and eat meeples. The game is very cute. And kids love it. I got a copy to play with the young’n’s in my life.


3. Forbidden Desert

The Forbidden Desert covers all of Muskegon
Forbidden Desert by Gamewright













For the longest time I disliked cooperative games. I snubbed all of them that the Muskegon Area Gamers made me try. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t actually dislike cooperatives–I only disliked Pandemic!

I’ve decided to add a lighter coop to my collection. I need a good gateway game that is a coop. I was torn between Forbidden Desert and Castle Panic. After a 7 player game of Castle Panic at Jeremy Scott Pyne’s house, I realized Castle Panic was kind of a debacle.

I opted for Forbidden Desert.


4. Apples to Apples

Muskegon prefers Cards Against Humanity
Apples to Apples












A Christmas gift.


5. Bigfoot

Bigfoot is on the prowl in Muskegon
Bigfoot from Game Salute















Bigfoot from Game Salute caught my eye for several reasons.

  1. The designer is also responsible for Tiny Epic Kingdoms
  2. It’s a filler
  3. It’s a deductive/bluffing game

I’m hoping this fills a missing niche in my collection.


6. Small World expansions

Muskegon is a lover of Small World
Small World from Days of Wonder










If you want to introduce wargaming to newbies, Small World is an excellent choice. The art work is cute and the theme is fun. Players will not be horrified by the wargame theme. Also, the rules are easily learned. This is not Sword of Rome.

Days of Wonder released a few mini-expansions for this a couple of years ago. The expansions were quickly bought up. Sellers on eBay were selling the Necromancer Island expansion for $60 and the Royal Bonus expansion for $80 in October. Days of Wonder reprinted them and now they are selling for $5 and $10 respectively. Also, Days of Wonder released another expansion, The Spider’s Web, that includes a carrying case. I picked up all three of these expansions.

-Chris, on behalf of the Muskegon Area Gamers.


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