Happy Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl LII is upon us. Tom Brady is going for his 6th Super Bowl win. The Philadelphia Eagles are going for their club’s first. Between bruising hits and dazzling catches punctuated by $5 million commercial spots, you may wonder how your gaming table could ever simulate tonight’s excitement. Wonder know more. Here is a list of some of the more popular football board games.

Super Bowl Sunday Special


1st & Goal

1st & Goal from R&R Games
1st & Goal from R&R Games

Want to pick a play and then chuck some dice? Want to outguess your opponent’s plays? Then 1st & Goal is the game for you!

There is a deck of cards. When the deck is exhausted, the quarter is over. You have a hand of cards which have plays on them. You and your opponent play a card simultaneously. Your play and his play match up to state which dice you roll. The more dice, generally the better for the offense.

Halfback Dive play card
Halfback Dive play card

The dice are color coded. The black dice are rolled by the defender. The other dice are rolled by the offense. The outcome is how many yards are gained or lost.

When you take a timeout, you can go into the discard pile and take a card, thus extending the quarter by one card or play. It also gives you a card that you may need want to play.

What about expansions and replayability? There are several team expansions. Each expansion has teams with specific strengths and weaknesses because they have their own dice.

You can pick up the base game cheap. The game was strongly supported by the publisher. And if you want a beer and pretzel football game, 1st & Goal is a strong challenger.

Techno Bowl

Technobowl from Bombshell Games
Technobowl from Bombshell Games

Are you a fan of the 1990’s Nintendo game Techno Bowl? Then you may be a fan of the board game adaptation. The design intent was to make a faithful interpretation of the video game classic.

Pixel block players
Pixel block players

Techno Bowl is a game of programmed movement. You play five cards face down. Then you and your opponent will activate the cards. The cards activate a specific player who can block, move or run with the ball.

The programmed movement of the board game is a nice way to mimic the original. In the original game, your success was largely dictated by guessing a play that matched well against your opponent’s play selection. The board game version, unfortunately, takes over an hour to play. If you can tolerate the game length and you were a fan of the video game, then Techno Bowl might be the right choice for you.

Pizza Box Football

Pizza Box Football from On the Line Games
Pizza Box Football from On the Line Games

Pizza Box Football offers you a football experience in an eponymous pizza box. This gimmick should appeal to many football fans who eat Domino’s while watching their favorite teams play.

In Pizza Box Football, players will secretly choose a play. In the case of the defender, he chooses run, short pass or long pass. If he guesses correctly, that is, if his guess matches the offense player’s play choice, the offense will likely not get many yards. Otherwise, the offense will more likely make a good gain.

Pizza Box Football comes with spreadsheets for you to compare yours and your opponent’s choices. This amounts to convoluted rock-paper-scissors. This may appeal to some gamers. The price should definitely appeal to gamers on a budget.

Card Football

Card Football
Card Football

What happens when you combine War with Poker? You get football! Well, not really. But you do get Card Football. And that is the gist of this cute little card game. You and your opponent play one or more cards. Whoever plays the better poker hand may execute the power on their cards. Those looking to create teams and go head to head together, a little like this card game allows you to, then maybe looking at online fantasy draft games like FanDuel can allow your Super Bowl party attendees to see who’s able to create a better team and win your own mini personal championship.

Do you play your best cards now? Or do you wait to force a turnover? This simple mechanic makes this a fast paced game. It mimics football a bit. But is a nice addition to a game collection where you want to get a new player acclimated to the world of gaming.

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