I’m infatuated with Cthulhu Wars

The cult of the new has stricken me. I’m rather taken by a game called Cthulhu Wars. Evidently this was heavily supported through kickstarter and I missed the boat on it. Whoa is me. Anyway, here is a brief look at a game that I plan on adding to the library at The Gaming Annex sooner rather than later.


1. Tom Vassel’s review

I saw watched this review the other day. The game hasn’t left my mind since. 🙂

2. Plasticky Goodness

Muskegon loves HP Lovecraft's Mythos.
Mi-Go from Cthulhu Wars

Seen here is a Mi-Go from Lovecraft’s Mythos.

The figures in this game are extravagant.










Cthulhu Wars is a perfect fit for Muskegon.
Cthulhu Wars

I’m disappointed the figures are actually life sized. I guess I’ll have to make due with 8″ minis.










Cthulhu Wars will fit in perfectly at The Gaming Annex.
Close up of Cthulhu Wars

The game play is said to be a streamlined version of Chaos in the Old World. This is a strong recommendation for Cthulhu Wars.









Board games 1976 W. Sherman Blvd 49441
The Gaming Annex

Am I the only one infatuated with this game? Is it too extravagant? Does the Gaming Annex need a copy of this game? Don’t be shy! Reply here!

-Chris on behalf of the Muskegon Area Gamers


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