Musings from the Muskegon Misanthropes: August 2015 Edition

We haven’t had any posts of idle speculation, wild conjecture or unsubstantiated hearsay in a long while. There have been many rumors about gaming topics that need to be further speculated, conjectured and hearsayed. Here are my current musings about some of those topics.


1. Twilight Imperium

Muskegon's favorite board game is Twilight Imperium from Fantasy Flight Games
Twilight Imperium

The rumors about a 4th edition of my favorite game have been rife since the 3rd edition was launched in 2005. And the rumors have not ceased. It’s a friggin’ rumor mill if I have ever seen one.

In 2006, Fantasy Flight Games released the expansion for Twilight Imperium. Shattered Empire was well received. But it did not abate the rumors of an imminent 4th edition.

In 2011, FFG surprised everyone with the second expansion Shards of the Thrones. The rumors continued.

The rumors of a 4th edition hit a fever pitch during the days leading up to GenCon last week. Speculation of a surprise 4th edition being unveiled by FFG to GenCon goers was so rife even Mongo was pitching the rumor. Then FFG did release some Twilight Imperium news. They will be reprinting TI3 along with the expansions. TI3 is here to stay.

2. Star Trek: Fleet Captains

Star Trek Fleet Captains is one of Muskegon's favorite board games
Star Trek Fleet Captains from Wizkids

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Star Trek: Fleet Captains. The game is great. The components needed substantial patching.

Having said that, it IS my favorite three player game. And I own both expansions (Romulans and Dominion).

But the rumor mill is saying that Wizkids is done with this game. Or that Wizkids is going to release a Borg expansion. Or that Wizkids is going to release a Ferengi expansion.

Wizkids has not made a formal announcement one way or the other. But I would be bitterly disappointed if they chose to release no more material for this otherwise lovable/hateable

Star Trek Heroclix
Star Trek Heroclix

game. And I would be disappointed (albeit not bitterly) if the next expansion was a Ferengi expansion. I would love to see a Borg expansion. Is “love” the right word? Maybe “need” is apropos. I NEED a Borg expansion.

And it’s not like Wizkids would have any exorbitant capital investment. They already make Borg ships to scale. Star Trek Heroclix, also from Wizkids, have already been repurposed for Star Trek Fleet Captains. And the 3rd wave has the Borg ships. Just get off your lazy asses and give me an expansion.





3. Fury of Dracula reprint

Fury of Dracula is a Fantasy Flight reimplementation of The Fury of Dracula–an old Games Workshop game. It has been out of print for years. And copies go for up to $200 on eBay. The rumor mill has been going ape wild about how this game would never go back into print. How FFG, GW or any other game company was done with this franchise.

Then Fantasy Flight announced they are releasing a 3rd edition. This edition will change several core mechanisms, streamlining the game to today’s gamer’s needs.

Fury of Dracula has fallen out of favor with me. Letters from Whitechapel does everything Fury of Dracula does only better. But I do have to stipulate that every time FFG has reimplemented a game, it has been better. And by all accounts, this reimplementation looks fantastic!

Except for the cover art.


4. Letters from Whitechapel

Jack waits to kill in Letters from Whitechapel
Jack the Ripper stalks Muskegon in Letters from Whitechapel.

Speaking of Letters from Whitechapel, we played this last night. It was tima for Nick to win. And he did in fact win. It marked the first time Jack has won in some time.

Of course, Tasha was NOT at The Gaming Annex so that’s probably why Nick won.

We’ve had considerable success with Letters from Whitechapel on Thursdays. Our Thursday night crew is new to gaming. The co-op nature makes it a good fit. And Nick and Tasha go at it like cats and dogs.

When the designers said they were releasing an expansion, the idle speculation began. When would it be released? What would it include? And how can you expand upon the Jack the Ripper murders?

Then the designers released a promo for their facebook page. Seen here, the expansion promises minis for  your game. While this hardly seems like an expansion, the

Dear Boss expansion
Dear Boss expansion

designers suggested there would be a bona fide expansion released with these minis.

This turned the idle speculation into wild conjecture. Would the police get special powers? Would Jack get extra powers? Would there be a new scenario?

The rumors have grown cold in recent months however. It seems there is no news to report. The designers seem unable to launch this project. This seems rather odd since it was Fantasy Flight that acquired some of the printing licenses for this game, releasing the game a couple of years ago with a component upgrade.

I am mildly interested in obtaining miniatures for my game. But I am fully intrigued by an expanded game. Please release this!





5. Colosseum

Colosseum from Days of Wonder
Colosseum from Days of Wonder

I was lucky enough to get Colosseum when it was in print several years ago. The MSRP was $60. For a Days of Wonder game that is about right. The components were beautiful. And like most of DoW’s games, this was  very family friendly and quite fun. It has been well received by most people I have exposed to it.

But the game goes for $90 now because Days of Wonder has not reprinted it. I found a copy for $40 about a year ago and resold it almost immediately for $70.

There has been a rumor circulating that Tasty Minstrel Games is going to reprint Colosseum. And their edition is going to be “an emperor’s edition” with magnificent components. The price tag I heard was anywhere from $70 to $90 for this copy.

Now Tasty Minstrel Games is a very weak competitor of Days of Wonder. The material Days of Wonder releases is typically more fun that Tasty Minstrel Games’ releases;

Bottlecap Vikings from TMG
Bottlecap Vikings from TMG

and their material is always superior in component quality.

While the rumor mill is working itself into a frenzy about this upcoming reprint, I sit here skeptical of TMG’s ability to deliver. The game was put on kickstarter (not a sign that boosts my confidence). And the kickstarter page lacks pictures, videos or any other media that would pique my interest.

Rocky told me he was considering reserving a copy of TMG’s reprint. I told him the comic store in Lowell had a Days of Wonder copy for the low-low price of $50. Rather than wait for Tasty Minstrel’s November reprint, Rocky dropped everything and ran to Lowell. (And he ran too; he didn’t drive).



6. Further Musings

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