Muskegon Area Gamers: Thrift Store Rescues in January

If you’ve been following this blog for a while now then you know that I shop for games at thrift stores. And you also know that I post my finds here. I didn’t think I would have a post for you this month because I didn’t hit the stores in so long. But I decided to go for a jaunt today. Wow! Here are my finds for the past month, many were from today!


1. All the King’s Men

Muskegon and classic board games go hand in hand
Parker Brother’s All the King’s Men

I seem to recall seeing copies of All the King’s Men around when I was a kid. It was published in 1979 by Parker Brothers, probably the widest circulated edition. I never got close enough to a copy to ever inspect it.

Until now.

I found a copy in mid-December at the Goodwill in Whitehall. It’s a chess like game both in mechanics and in visual flair.

I like chess better. But for $2 how could I pass it up?




2. Star Wars VHS Game

Muskegon loves board games and Star Wars
Parker Brother’s Star Wars VHS Game

Normally I pass on VHS and DVD games. But this one was STAR WARS!

And it had all the pieces. There is a cool 3-D board that you move your R2-D2 around.





3. Settlers of Catan the card game plus an expansion

Many in Muskegon play Settlers of Catan
Settlers of Catan: The Card Game

I found a copy of the Settlers of Catan card game for $1.99 at a Goodwill.

The next day I found the expansion at a different thrift store for $1.99.

Now I’m into this game for $4 and I don’t even play Catan.

By the way: if any of you want this copy, let me know.




4. Risk & Castle Risk

Muskegon and classic board games like Risk & Castle Risk
Parker Brothers’ Risk & Castle Risk

I got a copy of Risk for my 11th birthday. I fell in love with it and the hobby of board gaming soon thereafter.

When I saw “Risk & Castle Risk” in the Witmark catalog for $10.99 in 1985, I pleaded with Santa to bring me a copy. Alas, it was not meant to be. Yet.

Fast forward thirty years: I’m at the Goodwill on Harvey Street today. I see Risk on the shelf as I approach the game aisle. Then I see it’s actually “Risk & Castle Risk”. I nearly knocked over three old ladies, two toddlers and an invalid lunging for it.

I inventoried the game a few minutes ago. It’s complete!


5. Screaming Eagles

Classic Milton Bradley: A Muskegon love affair
Milton Bradley’s Screaming Eagles

Milton Bradley bought advertising in the after-school time slots when I would watch Voltron and the Transformers. One of those ads was for Screaming Eagles. The game looked okay but the ad campaign turned me off completely. Which is weird because a 15 year old who played board games and watched Voltron was probably the ideal demographic for that ad.

I found a copy in Jenison today for $1. It is missing one red die and one black die. These are special 6-siders so I will have to peruse BGG for the components.




 6. Squad Leader

Muskegon loves its wargames like Avalon Hill's Squad Leader
Avalon Hill’s Squad Leader

It was 1989 when I found a copy of the rules for Avalon Hill’s Advanced Squad Leader on sale for $10 at House of Hobbies. House of Hobbies tailors to the model railroaders. But in 1989 they had a modest game selection. The games would sit idle for months. Then they would move them to their clearance area. Then I would strike.

I found a complete (and largely unpunched) copy of Squad Leader today for $1! The box has some shelf wear but it’s still a gem!