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Iello's King of New York is the King of Muskegon!
Iello’s King of New York
















We’ve been working to recruit new players from the area. We have not been as successful as I would like. I think this is due, in part, to the fact that our gaming meetups (Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings) are not necessarily conducive to the broadest section of local gamers.

These are some of our ideas to correct this, in no particular order.


1. Another Day of Gaming

Muskegon Area Gamers meetup calednar
Muskegon’s meetup calendar













Playing on just Tuesdays and Sundays has not proven effect. Why not play on Wednesdays or Thursdays too? One of these days will be permanently added to our meetups. Stay in the loop at our meetup or facebook page.


2. Recruiting at Shoreline Minis in Spring Lake

Muskegon Area Gamers has a strategic alliance with Shoreline Minis
Shoreline Minis in Spring Lake, MI










The folks at Shoreline Minis have reached out to us to teach their crew and clientele about A Game of Thrones: LCG. And we have agreed. We also have had several other demos there. And have hosted their demo once. The alliance seems to be working out okay. Now if we can turn a few of them into Twilight Imperium players, we will be all set!


3. Local Libraries

Muskegon Area Gamers may meet at the White Lake Community Library
White Lake Community Library in Whitehall, MI















The White Lake Community Library has game days once a month. A couple of us have been flirting with the idea of going there and seeing what/who these game days are all about. The stock photo they use on their facebook page shows people playing Small World–which is very promising.

Other libraries do not have game days per se. But they could be talked into it with a little effort. The best bets would be Walker Library in N. Muskegon and Norton Shores Public Library.

A few years ago there was a game day at NSPL and a few of us attended. The attendance was low overall. But if we built it up, we could have a gaming community spring from library goers eventually.


4. Barnes & Noble

Muskegon Area Gamers may meet at Barnes & Noble on Harvey Street once a month
Barnes & Noble on Harvey Street















The West Michigan Tabletop Gamers (in GR), meet at Schuler’s Bookstore on 28th Street. They typically get 30+ people to RSVP. This is very impressive. And Schuler’s sells board games. Which makes this store/game community alliance quite beneficial for everyone. The gamers get a gaming venue that is clean, well lit and friendly; Schuler’s get people to play the games they sell, potentially buying them there.

There is a B&N on Harvey Street. Why don’t we do the same thing? Maybe once a month or so, we meet there. We introduce the bookworms to our games. B&N sells these games so they should embrace us if we help build their customer base. Look for the Muskegon Area Gamers to have some meetups at Barnes & Noble in 2015!


5. Grandiosity

Muskegon Area Gamers and Grandiosity in Norton Shores? Maybe!
Grandiosity in Norton Shores


















I have not yet approached Grandiosity yet. For some reason, I have just not been able to broach the subject. Grandiosity is a manufacturing and venue for miniature wargaming. An alliance between Grandiosity and the Muskegon Area Gamers seems completely natural and mutually beneficial. Yet I have not done so. I must have some subconscious hang up about them.

But that’s about to end.

I need to make up some business cards (see below). And I need to get over to Grandiosity and make their acquaintance. I think they sell some board games as it is. They may be very receptive to having us demo some games there. Check the meetup in 2015 for more details!


 6. Business Cards

Muskegon Area Gamers Business Cards
Muskegon Area Gamers Business Cards









I’ve come up with a couple of different designs for business cards. What do people think? Which do you like better? Could these be better?





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