New board game acquisitions

I think an additional column regarding new games our group has acquired would be a welcome monthly read. Here is our first official installment. If anyone else in the group has anything to add, please comment below. This will keep everyone abreast of the the Muskegon Area Gamers’ growing gaming library.


1. Broadsides & Boarding Parties

Muskegon loves classics like Broadsides & Boarding Parties
Broadsides & Boarding Parties
















In 1982 Milton Bradley released the first of its highly successful Gamemaster Series games: Broadsides & Boarding Parties. And I wanted it ever since.

Now I own a complete albeit used copy for $70 plus shipping.

Anyone up for a game?


2. The Amberden Affair

The Amberden Affair comes to Muskegon!
The Amberden Affair



















Out of the Box Games had their grand opening in Kentwood last week. Of course I had to attend. And I picked up the Amberden Affair. This game may be a nice fit for our group. Some social intrigue and deduction, a hidden traitor, multiple paths to victory and short game length are all positives. Looking forward to bringing this out sometime in December on a Tuesday.


3. Blockade Runner

Confederate blockade runners threaten Muskegon!
Numbskull Games’ Blockade Runner

















The first time I heard the term “blockade runner” it was in relation to the Millennium Falcon. I fell in the love with that term immediately, needless to say. When I saw there was a game bearing that name that dealt with piracy in the Confederacy, the theme along with the title grabbed my attention. I shipped out Sherwood Forest for this game in trade.


4. Mage Wars with all the accouterments 

The Muskegon Area Gamers love Mage Wars more than Magic: The Gathering
Mage Wars















Mage Wars is like Magic: the Gathering in theme but without the constant need to buy new cards. Players take on the roles of powerful spell casters. There is customizable spell books plus lots of expansions. The game is very good. I picked up the entire Mage Wars collection in trade, giving up several DOW games. I was more generous in this trade than I normally would be but Mage Wars is a good fit for the Gaming Annex.


5. Gentlemen Thieves

Gentlemen Thieves: a game that really befits Muskegon :)
Gentlemen Thieves


















I picked up Gentlemen Thieves at OotB grand opening. Like the Amberden Affair, this game has a niche that our group might really like. Also, Asmodee Games makes really good components so I know there is a lot of quality in the game. This and Amberden Affair should be hitting the Tuesday night meetups in December. Check local listings.


6. Paradise Fallen

Crash Games' Paradise Fallen makes its Muskegon debut
Crash Games’ Paradise Fallen


















Crash Games’ Paradise Fallen was an impulse buy at the grand opening sale for Out of the Box. I’ll let you know if it makes the grade.


7. Tiny Epic Kingdoms

Muskegon is a Tiny Epic Kingdom
Tiny Epic Kingdoms














Eight Minute Empires was received lukewarmly from our group. Tiny Epic Kingdoms might be the game that fills the :30 minute civ builder game. It is infinitely expandable too which will help with replayability.


 8. King of New York

Iello's King of New York is the King of Muskegon!
Iello’s King of New York





















The game that fired King of Tokyo: King of New York was a must buy. And must buy it I did. The Gaming Annex now has a copy of this fantastic game. Come on out and play it with us!


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