Post a shelfie

Let’s see your game collection. Post a shelfie! Here are some of our group’s game  shelves.


Some shelfies of Tasha’s

Tasha's shelfie
Tasha’s shelfie
Tasha's shelfie 2
Tasha’s shelfie 2
Tasha's shelfie 3
Tasha’s shelfie 3
Tasha's shelfie 4
Tasha’s shelfie 4

Some of you may  remember Tasha. She’s been a guest author on here. She laid down the law in how to play Letters from Whitechapel. Before becoming a regular of the Muskegon Area Gamers, Tasha had no idea so we were in the midst of a board gaming renaissance.

Tasha’s collection is so large it can’t  fit in a single picture.





This is impressive.

I love the stuffed Donkey Kong. <3












That game of Conspiracy looks awfully familiar.


Oh, and I love the Dr. Who  telephone booth.




A  shelfie of Rocky

Rocky's shelfie
Rocky’s shelfie

Rocky’s not fooling anyone with this shelfie. Rocky buys more games at Gen Con in any given year than can be seen here.

I wonder how Rocky’s Pandemic Legacy campaign is going.

Dr. Steve’s shelfie

Dr. Steve's shelfie
Dr. Steve’s shelfie

I could ask Dr. Steve the same question about his Pandemic Legacy campaign. Oh, wait. He has two copies of the game! He liked it so much he wanted to play it twice.

I love the Death Star Lego set.


Some shelfies of The Gaming Annex

Thrift store finds
Thrift store finds

I keep my thrift store finds on a single shelf. Unfortunately it’s overflowing. I’ll have to purge them ASAP.  If anyone in the Muskegon area wants one of these games, let me know.





The Wall of Games
The Wall of Games


This is the Wall of Games. It represents the bulk of the Gaming Annex’s library.

Note TI3 on the top shelf <3

Missing components
Missing components


Thrift store pick ups that are incomplete are relegated to this shelf. If you need any spare components, give me a holler.


Some grails
Some grails





I’d like to have one full shelf of Holy Grails. For now, that shelf is here. And for now the shelf is not complete. (I mean, Settlers of Catan is on this shelf for Pete’s sake).

But Star Wars Queen’s Gambit, Broadsides and Boarding Parties and Fireball Island are on it too. Soon, Dark Tower will be added.



Where to meet the people behind the shelfies

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