Recent Game Acquisitions

This goes without saying: I cannot go more than a few days without buying a game. Now I don’t have a problem. I can stop anytime. But I thought I might shed some light on my recent game pick ups.

1. Formula D: Austin/Nevada

Formula D: Austin/Nevada
Formula D: Austin/Nevada

I’m a sucker for Formula D. I’m also a completest. This means Asmodee will be milking me for the foreseeable future.

The new map has Austin, TX on one side and Nevada on the other. The Nevada side has a jump across the Colorado river. Cool!

Now if I can only talk Dusty and the gang into playing this game.



2. Boss Monster

Boss Monster from Brotherwise Games
Boss Monster from Brotherwise Games

Boss Monster caught my eye because of the theme. You play the boss monster, building your 8-bit world in an effort to defeat the heroes.

I saw an expansion/stand-alone game called Boss Monster II. The game must be more popular than I thought if it’s already spawned an expansion.

I haven’t played it yet but I’ve read the rules. The game should fill a niche in my collection as a “cool down” game at the end of the night.








3. Ultimate Warriorz

Ultimate Warriorz by Matagot Games
Ultimate Warriorz by Matagot Games

Ultimate Warriorz was an impulse purchase at Out of the Box Games’ grand opening. I loved the components. Standees fighting in an arena: love it!

The game shares many things in common with King of Tokyo, a game I quite enjoy. I hope this game is a good alternative to it.




4. North Wind

Klaus Teuber's North Wind
Klaus Teuber’s North Wind

I try to like Klaus Teuber games. Honest I do. Teuber is most famous for all the Catan games. But he is a prolific game designer above and beyond just the Catan franchise. I really like Entdecker (a game I haven’t played in years).

Many of his games seem like they will be good when you read the rules. Then when you play the game they fall just a bit short.

I love the cardboard bits in North Wind. You hire a crew, outfit your ship with cannons and sail to glory. One thing I can say about all of Teuber’s games: they really try to give you a sense of adventure. I hope North Wind delivers!


5. Nations: The Dice Game

Nations: The Dice Game
Nations: The Dice Game

The latest trend in board games is “____: the dice game”. Nations: The dice game is one iteration of this trend.

Nations is a heavy Euro civ builder. It did not go over well in our group. The game is the spiritually hollow successor to Through the Ages.

But Nations: the Dice Game, now this game might go over well with the Muskegon Area Gamers. The game could be a good warm up. It won’t be the main course but could whet your appetite for the epic games to follow.

Plus I love custom dice. 🙂



6. Thunder Road from Milton Bradley

Thunder Road from Milton Bradley
Thunder Road from Milton Bradley

I’m a product of the 80’s. Good games from the that period are hard to come by. Most have not stood the test of time in our modern era of board gaming renaissance.

But Milton Bradley’s Thunder Road is definitely an exception to this. Rated over 6.5 on boardgamegeek (compared to Monopoly’s 4.45), Thunder Road will hit the table when we get the nostalgia itch.

Thunder Road is MB’s answer to Mad Max. Players race down a desert road in a dystopian world. There are armored vehicles, helicopters and speedsters. Players have a team of cars and helicopters and use them to win the race or destroy their opponents.

Thunder Road also serves the secondary goal of being a game on my Holy Grail list. One more game to scratch off the list. Next game: Star Wars Queen’s Gambit. (Yeah right!)

7. Island Fortress

Island Fortress by Frost Forge Games
Island Fortress by Frost Forge Games

I made a horrendous mistake. I bought Homeland: the Board Game. I compounded the error by making Bruce and Jon play it.

Boy was that game bad. It’s so bad that I will never watch the TV show upon which the game is based.

But I salvaged the situation a bit. I traded it for Island Fortress. This game has to be better than Homeland, right?

I don’t know anything about this game. I just found someone desperate for Homeland.







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