SeaFall Game 0 {Spoiler Free}

[Editor’s Note: We have a guest blogger today. Brian runs Brian (or Iggy as his friends call him) has been a great asset to our Thursday night group. Not only is he an avid gamer, but he has a host of games that he brings to The Gaming Annex. He’s also been the impetus for our recent foray into podcasts–more on this later. Brian has been writing session reports of our SeaFall games. Here is his first installment.]

SeaFall Session 0 {Spoiler Free}


I’ve had SeaFall for a while now. I had done a pre-order from Plaid Hat Games, and thus I was able to get the metal coins for the game. (I LOVE THESE). The game group (The Gaming Annex) I frequent on Thursday nights in Muskegon MI was finally able to get a game in.

One of the people involved got held up at work so we were only able to get in a prolog, unlike the Tuesday night group, but we got started, that is all that counts.

Legacy Games

SeaFall - Game 0For those that are not aware, SeaFall is what is known as a Legacy game. A Legacy game is where you write on the board and cards, rip cards up, and place stickers around the board. SeaFall is the first where you are supposed to play with the people you started with every time you play the game. Pandemic Legacy was close, but you could play with others.

For most of the people in my game, if not all, this is the first legacy game that we have played. I know Chris played 2 games of Risk Legacy, but being that he wasn’t involved in the full campaign, we won’t count it.

It was a bit strange / hard for some of us to be writing on the boards, our cards, and especially to rip up the cards, but we were able to do it anyway.

Game 0

We got off to a rocky start, it took me a bit to get the game set up, but as time goes on, I’m sure it will get easier. Everyone picked their color and provenance, we handed out the roles to determine play order and jumped in.

SeaFall - Game 0Some of us had seen the Watch it Played video on How to play SeaFall, some had not, so I went over the basics. We had a few rules questions, mainly regarding Raid vs Explore, and buying goods and messed that up a bit on the first turn, and missed the first event card, but quickly got the hang of it and made it past our first year in the game.

Each ‘year’ in the game lasts 6 turns, so each turn is equal to 2 months time. Every winter you have special things you need to do, like refresh any used advisors, add new advisors, get money, have the islands produce, etc… We finished the game in the middle of the 6th turn, thus, right before winter (I hate winter anyway).


Most of us found the game interesting. The story was decent (didn’t fully draw us in, but it isn’t bad), and the downtime after we got the hang of it was pretty short.

SeaFall - Game 0Thinking about the names of things, I started working with the Norse mythology. Probably due to the book I’m currently reading, but it helped me get my names. My leader’s name Asmund Folke means Divine Protection From the People, and my ships, Nahuel and Parviz mean Tiger and Lucky. My provenance I named Asgard, being that it is the world of the gods, I figured it was fitting, here I am, a ‘world’ traveler with technology these natives haven’t seen before, I’m like a god to them! Each one of us was able to name an island, and I named mine Niflheim, the world of ice. I should have saved that one for later, but I used it.

Brandi is the only other player in my group to have started naming things on her sheet, hopefully, the other two will in the next game.

End Game and Final Thoughts

SeaFall - Game 0It took us about 2 hours total to play the game with going over basic rules and checking the rule book. I know the Tuesday night game took about 45 minutes, with a good hour before of just the rules, so I don’t think we were too far behind.

I think everyone liked the game, two of the players left fairly quickly after the game due to the time, but from the comments everyone made, I think they all enjoyed it, and are looking forward to the next session.

Nobody liked what occurred at the end of the prolog, but it is what it is and I’m sure there was a reason for it, time will tell, (well, Chris may have, he is kind of sadistic like that).

Player Tasha Chris Brandi Brian
Score 3 3 5 3

For the rest of the games, I’ll try and keep better records of what goes in in the game, but those will include spoilers.


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