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It’s time for another installment of Recent Thrift Store Finds. Every month or so, I post a brief list of the games I found at local thrift stores. Lately, I’ve been using the yard sale sites on Facebook to connect these games with local gamers. It’s been working pretty good. We have about one or two people drop by The Gaming Annex a night to peruse the games I’ve rescued. Many are amazed that we have so many OTHER games too. And they are curious about what it is we do. With any luck, we can get them to drop by again–to play games!


1. Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is a classic board game that Muskegon still enjoys.
Settlers of Catan

What more can be said about Settlers of Catan? It launched the board game renaissance we are currently in. Everyone’s played it. And if I see a copy at the Goodwill on Sherman (which I did a couple of weeks ago), I pick it up.

The copy I found was missing one red settlement, otherwise it was complete. I found a replacement settlement at Out of the Box but it was white not red. During a Sunday afternoon of games, I painted it red. I didn’t have a brush so I used my fingers. Tick Mima noticed my red fingertips but refused to believe that I was painting…

Catan Traders & Barbarians cards
Catan Traders & Barbarians cards

I found a local couple that wanted Catan. I was pleased to meet them. Maybe they’ll drop by again soon!

I also a shrink wrapped copy Catan Traders & Barbarian Cards. This is available to anyone in the area. Just drop by The Gaming Annex to pick up!


2. Can’t Stop

Parker Brothers' Can't Stop
Parker Brothers’ Can’t Stop

Sid Sackson was the Vlaada Chvátil of the 1960’s. He was the most prolific designer of his day. And Can’t Stop was part of that success. Can’t Stop is a classic game of strategy and push-your-luck. Can’t Stop still holds up as a filler or beer-and-pretzel game today.

I have a list of people who have been wanting a copy. So when I find a copy of Can’t Stop, I usually give it to the next person on the list. I believe I owe Mongo a copy. But I have an additional copy available for any of you readers!

3. Sleuth

Sleuth from Avalon Hill
Sleuth from Avalon Hill

I found this Sid Sackson classic recently too! Sleuth from Avalon Hill was rescued from a Goodwill (this time on 28th Street).

Sleuth is a clever spin on Clue. Instead of roll-and-move, players manage a hand of cards. This makes Sleuth a cut above Clue. It holds up well even to today’s standards.

The copy I found is complete. I have not found anyone that wants it yet. If you would like a copy of this classic, come visit the Muskegon Area Gamer’s clubhouse!


4. Pizza Box Football

Pizza Box Football from On the Line Games
Pizza Box Football from On the Line Games

Pizza Box Football is a clever idea. It puts you and your opponent as opposing head coaches of a football team. This idea has been done before. But the game comes in what is eponymously called a pizza box.

What goes better with football than pizza?

Pizza Box Football enjoys a solid 6.3 ranking on board game geek. It even has supported a few expansions. You can imagine my excitement when Dusty bought a copy recently at retail price. But  you probably can’t imagine my over-the-top exuberance when I found a $.99 copy complete with one of the expansions at Hope’s Outlet on Sherman Blvd.

My copy is free to a good home.


5. Clue Master Detective

Muskegon loves deduction games like Clue Master Detective
Parker Brother’s Clue Master Detective

In recent months, I’ve rescued two copies of Clue Master Detective. The copy I found in September was complete and in good condition! Those of you who follow us on Facebook may recall that the previous copy (the one from August) came with a dead Col. Mustard.

Oh no! Not Col. Mustard too!
Oh no! Not Col. Mustard too!

When I opened the box, I found the knife driven into the heart of Col. Mustard. It strikes me as highly improbable that this occurred by happenstance.

By the way: I still have the complete copy available. And it comes with a Col. Mustard card that is free of knife holes.


6. More Avalon Hill goodness

Football Strategy from Avalon Hilll
Football Strategy from Avalon Hill

I found Sports Illustrated Football Strategy underneath Sleuth. These games come from the same publisher and the same time period, circa 1981. Seems someone’s closet from 1981 was recently cleared out and donated to the Goodwill. Seems I was needed to rescue these.

Football Strategy is insanely complex game of football. It treats football like a wargame with lots of spreadsheets to cross reference. Still, it holds a 6.4 on BGG.

Stock Market Guru from Avalon Hill
Stock Market Guru from Avalon Hill

I didn’t know that Avalon Hill reimplemented Stocks and Bonds. But in 1997 they did just that. The boring 3M slipcover was replaced with a picture of Wall Street. Some of the imbalances were streamlined.

This game never got a lot of traction. Probably because Hasborg took over AH soon after its release.

If you are looking for a copy, we have one!


7. American Civil War from Eagle Games

Eagle Games' The American Civil War
Eagle Games’ The American Civil War

When thrift shopping, you will encounter lots of board game drivel. But when you encounter an Avalon Hill game, it’s a red letter day. Finding a title from Eagle Games is almost unheard of. In fact, this past week might have been the first time I’ve ever done so.

I found a $2.99 copy of The American Civil War. The box has a chunk missing from it. But other than the cosmetics, the game is complete and ready to play.

Eagle Games releases games with tons of plastic pieces: Empires: Age of Discovery, Conquest of the Empire, Railways of the World. And ACW is no exception. Tons of plastic soldiers, cavalry, artillery. Heck, if you wanted to make your own game, this would have the pieces.

The copy is sitting on a shelf because I don’t know what to do with it. I’d love to find a local player who is looking for a copy. Finding locals who are looking for games like this are hard to find.



Board games 1976 W. Sherman Blvd 49441
The Gaming Annex

Any of the games listed here (and many others) are available to readers of this blog. Just drop by sometime.










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