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Things started slowly since my last thrift store post. This is why I didn’t make such a post in November. Usually around this time of year, it’s slim pickin’s for games at thrift stores, what with the holidays and all. As such, it took a few more weeks to cobble together enough games to warrant a blog post. I was prepared to write up my findings last week. Then something truly magical happened…

Thrift Store Finds in Muskegon

Acquire from Avalon Hill

Thrift Store Finds Muskegon
Acquire from Avalon Hill

Sid Sackson was a prolific game designer. His 1962 offering, Acquire, is a classic. Many companies have published it over the years: Avalon Hill, 3M, Hasbro.

After Hasbro bought out Avalon Hill, Hasbro published a version of the game in 1999. This version has the Avalon Hill brand, a differentiation Hasbro makes with its high end strategy game. This 1999 edition has cool plastic hotels and nice plastic tiles. It’s considered the definitive edition. Hasbro only made this edition that year. Hasbro has since republished Acquire with cardboard pieces, relegating the plastic edition to its growing out-of-print heap.

It’s been on my grail list for a while but I couldn’t justify the cost. The 1999 edition of Acquire goes for over $100 on eBay. Then some Christmas magic happened.

I found an unplayed copy at the Goodwill on Henry and Norton!

The box had been opened but the money and tiles were still sealed. And the price was a mere $4. I can now scratch this off my grail list (a post that will be coming to a blog near  you).


Escape: the Curse of the Temple

Goodwill Hope's outlet Muskegon
Escape: Curse of the Temple

Generally I find department store dreck when I go thrift shopping. Occasionally I’ll find a some high end department games. And every now and again I’ll find an actual designer game. And every blue moon, this designer game will be complete.

You can imagine my elation when I found Queen Games’ Escape: the Curse of the Temple for $2–and 100% complete.

If you haven’t played Escape, it’s a frenzied twitch game. This coop pits players against the clock to escape a dark and sinister temple before it collapse. The game play is fun if you can tolerate the furious game play. I picked it up because I knew I could connect it with a home. It took barely a few days for some to offer me Lyssan in trade for it.



Basari from FX Schmid
Basari from FX Schmid

I love Edel, Stein and Reich. I haven’t had the chance to play it in a long time. But it’s been weighing on me for weeks now. I’ll have to break it out on a Thursday, probably in January.

Edel, Stein and Reich is the reimplementation of Basari, a wheelin’ an’ dealin’ game in the world of gem brokers.

The Salvation Army on Plainfield had a shrink wrapped copy that I was only too happy to relieve them of. Since I have Edel, Stein and Reich, I’ll give Basari to a local gamer. Hit me up if you think you’d like Basari.


Tetris Link

Tetris Link from Ideal
Tetris Link from Ideal

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Tetris head-to-head? Ideal made a version of that in their 2011 release Tetris Link. Players score points by linking tetrominos together.

I found a complete copy on Harvey Street a few weeks back. And I found a home for it already.  A young lady who is new to gaming has been coming by the The Gaming Annex, borrowing games from our library. She expressed interest in Tetris Link so I gave her my copy. For those who are new to this blog, this practice of finding gamers to give these games to is the whole point of my thrift store excursions: build the local gaming community and meet local gamers.


Tactics II from Avalon Hill

I mentioned Tactics II from Avalon Hill in a recent post. Little did I realize that I would find a complete copy on 28th Street a few days later.

Tactics II is classic Avalon Hill. It’s a clunky simulation that requires hours of investment to get any payoff. In 1958, when this game was first published, that was all the gaming world had.

Tactics II has not fared well on boardgamegeek, holding a ho-hum 5.3 rating. But the gaming world owes Tactics II a debt of gratitude as it is one of the granddaddies of the genre.

I’ll try to find a local wargamer who wants a copy. 😀


10 Days in the USA from Out of the Box

10 Days in the USA
10 Days in the USA

I’ve been augmenting my game collection to include some titles that are wife-friendly. My doting spouse is willing to try games. Not Twilight Struggle or Here I Stand. Rather family friendly slash entry level games.

I keep a cache of such games at the ol’ homestead. One is 10 Days in the USA. It’s like the old abstract Rack-O but with a map. It’s a fun game, all things considered.

I was delighted to find an additional copy on the East Beltlilne about month ago. Not because I’m a hoarder (I can quit anytime I want). But because I can find a local gamer who needs it! (By the way, any reader of this blog can have it if you stop by our office at 1976 W Sherman Blvd).


Unusual Finds

Wizardology from Sababa Toys
Wizardology from Sababa Toys

There’s a family of games called the “Ology” games. The games have taken a beating from boardgamegeek’s users, having ratings of 5 or lower. But that’s probably because the game play is not nearly as cool as the components.

I found a complete copy of one of the games in this family. Wizardology has six large plastic wizards, one for each player. Each wizard has several detachable accoutrements like staves and hats. The components are pretty cool. But they cannot make up for the lackluster play.

Still, I couldn’t pass up a cheap copy. Perhaps there is someone close to the Annex that would like to have a copy.

Pack of Heroes from Adventureland Games
Pack of Heroes from Adventureland Games

Pack of Heroes, a kickstarter game, pits two players against one another in a classic comic book universe. There are 30 unique heroes jammed into this tiny box. I almost overlooked the game because it was so small.

Pack of Heroes holds an impressive 6.5 rating on BGG, a fine accomplishment for a 20 minute long game.

I’ll probably end up keeping this game. I could always use some good fillers.


Other Finds

Clue: 24 Edition
Clue: 24 Edition
Milton Bradley's Stratego
Milton Bradley’s Stratego














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Thrift Store Finds Muskegon

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