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It’s time for our quasi-monthly installment of Thrift Store Finds! The past month has been very fruitful for everyone’s favorite board game thrifter.

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, continue to the list below. But if you are new to this blog, I’ll take this time to explain. I love going to thrift stores and rescuing games. I have a large collection of games that I have rescued that are incomplete. I also have an entire shelf of rescues that are 100% complete. I often use these games as a recruiting tool. I post ads on social media where I give games away as an excuse to get new people to come to The Gaming Annex. If someone likes Risk or Axis and Allies, they could be a good fit for the group. Every once in a great while I will find one of my Holy Grails.

Thrift Store Board Game Finds in the Muskegon Area February 2017


Penny Arcade: Rumble in R’lyeh and Gamers vs. Evil

Penny Arcade: Rumble in R'lyeh
Penny Arcade: Rumble in R’lyeh

I don’t make it to the various thrift stores in Grand Haven (49417) as often as I’d like. But I have to admit: when I do make it there, it is often worth the trip. For example: I found Cryptozoic’s Penny Arcade Rumble in R’lyeh and Gamers vs. Evil for $2 each. Both games were complete and fully sleeved.

Penny Arcade: Gamers vs. Evil
Penny Arcade: Gamers vs. Evil

When you find complete, fully sleeved games like this, it’s an auto-buy for me. I would classify this as an “amazing” find.  These games hold decent ratings (6+) on and have a decent trade bait value.

When I find games like this, it always makes me think: there must be gamers in the area that don’t have other gamers to play with. If the original owner of this game liked this game enough to buy both the base game and expansion and to sleeve both, would he dismiss it to a thrift store if he had an active game group? Connecting with these forlorn gamers that makes me such a diehard thrift shopper.

Politika from Red Storm Entertainment

Tom Clancy's Politika from Red Storm Entertainment
Tom Clancy’s Politika from Red Storm Entertainment

Tom Clancy was to the Cold War what John Grisham is to courtroom dramas. Clancy’s books have been turned into movies like Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games. One of his books, Politika, was turned into a board game.

Politika did not do as well amongst the hardcore gamers, unfortunately. It was distributed exclusively by Toys R Us, whereas hardcore gamers like supporting game stores; it covers an obscure theme (Russian politics); and the component quality was a hindrance to game play.

If one were to overlook these flaws, one would find this to be Risk with more depth and complexity. In 1997, that was a big step forward in game development for its time.

I found a complete copy. I haven’t decided what to do with it. If any readers of this blog would like a copy, you know where to find it.


Diplomacy (metal pieces edition)

Diplomacy from Avalon Hill (metal pieces)
Diplomacy from Avalon Hill (metal pieces)

In my last thrift blog post, I posted how I found one my grails. I found a copy of Avalon Hill’s Acquire with the plastic hotels.  That was part of a large box set of Avalon Hill games that Hasbro put out several years ago. Well imagine my elation when I found another game from that set: Diplomacy with metal pieces.

Most editions of Diplomacy have cardboard counters for the ships and armies. But this rare edition uses pewter cannons and ships (repurposed from Monopoly) as the units. The game was largely unpunched and 100% complete. As was the case with the Penny Arcade find, I believe some local gamer bought Diplomacy, hoping to play it, but never found a strong group with which to do so. And his copy ended up at Dibs on Harvey Street.

Duel of Ages

Duel of Ages from Venatic Games
Duel of Ages from Venatic Games

Duel of Ages is a tactical game where players break into two teams. Players take on the roles of agents in an anachronistic universe, wielding laser rifles, long bows and four wheelers. The game was a hit in the early days of boardgamegeek. It spawned a reimplementation in 2013.

I knew of Duel of Ages but had never played it. I found a copy for sale at a Goodwill. The game was complete. The components were all separated and bagged. Evidently the previous owner loved this game and took good care of it.

Like Politika, I don’t know what I’ll be doing with this game yet. Hit me up if you need a copy 🙂

Other notable finds

Liar's Dice (Milton Bradley)
Liar’s Dice (Milton Bradley)

Liar’s Dice, especially Milton Bradley’s 1987 edition, is an auto-buy. I can always find someone locally who needs a copy of this. Plus this game hits the table at The Gaming Annex with some regularity. I have plans for this copy of Liar’s Dice. I’m toying with the idea of having a game giveaway day–maybe have this (and other games) as door prizes. Stay tuned for more details.

Monopoly Coca-Cola Edition
Monopoly Coca-Cola Edition

Specialty Monopoly editions are a good way to connect with gamers in the area. I found a Coca-Cola edition, Monopoly City, Simpson’s Monopoly and a SpongeBob edition in recent weeks. The SpongeBob game has already flew off the shelf to a person who had no idea The Gaming Annex even existed 😀

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