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Twilight Imperium is Muskegon's favorite game. The whole damn town loves it.
Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition








The Muskegon Area Gamers keeps statistics on our Twilight Imperium games. Peruse our other posts on this blog for more details.

Yesterday we played our first game of Twilight Imperium in some time. It was also a five player game, our first five player game in about 6 years.

TI3 plays eight players much better than it does five; but five is all we could muster. So we went ahead with it.

I was the L1Z1X Mindnet, Mongo was the Naalu Collective, Matt B. was the Clan of Saar, Matt S was the Nekro Virus and Kevin was the Embers of Muaat. When the dust settled, Matt S. was the big winner. He orchestrated a victory that was so convincing that we conceding before the end of the round. He had The Alastor in his home system so even if we had somehow gotten to this home system (which seemed impossible), we would have to get their another time due to the ticking time bomb of The Alastor.

The fact that there are three untaken strategy cards each round, the five player game lacks the strategic choices of an eight player game. This reason will drive us to have 6+ players from here on out.


But enough with the session report. Here is the data.

Muskegon's Twilight Imperium Leader Board
Race wins


















Another win for the Nekro Virus means the Nekro has tied the Mindnet and Sol for most wins in our group. Not too shabby for not being able to vote.

Muskegon's Twilight Imperium Leader Board
Races points scored


















The Nekro Virus are in the middle of the pack in average points scored. This means the Nekro are tough when played properly.



Muskegon's Twilight Imperium Leader Board
Races amount of plays


















We use an alternative rule set for selecting races. We require everyone to play all 17 races before they can select the same race twice. Players are given two races from which to choose. The two races are races they have not yet played since we implemented the Leader Board. The poor Brotherhood of ย Yin has not gotten much love. ๐Ÿ™

Our group loves the Naalu Collective!



Muskegon's Twilight Imperium Leader Board
Player wins


















Matt, after defeating us yesterday, is now tied for the lead in wins. Poor Dusty still hasn’t won since the Leader Board was implemented. ๐Ÿ™


Muskegon's Twilight Imperium Leader Board
Players average points


















Ben is still in first place despite joining the Navy. Matt and Dusty are close behind.


Muskegon's Twilight Imperium Leader Board
Players Amount of plays


















Looks like I’ve played the most. Mongo, Ben and Dusty have 10 plays under their belt.


Our next game will be either in December (6 to 8 players) or will be a Long War Event in November/December. Check out our meet up or facebook for more details.

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