Our Twilight Imperium Leaderboard

We play Fantasy Flight’s Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition regularly, say once every 4 to 6 weeks. It’s gotten to the point where we want to compile data about how players and races fare. We have collected some data to this end.

We dole out races semi-randomly. Each player is given a choice of two races. A player may not choose (nor will they be offered) a race they have played previously. Once a player has played all 17 races, they can start fresh.

We typically play with 6 to 8 players. I really love the larger games because they make for more politicking and it feels more epic.

Below is a simple chart showing which races have seen the most play.

amount of plays
Races: Amount of Plays

Any TI3 gamer worth his salt will recognize the power of the Universities of Jol Nar. And they have been played 7 times. Our group really likes the Naalu Collective. As such, they’ve been played the second most.

It must be due to our group think or our particular play style (or perhaps random chance…) but the Federation of Sol has won more games than any other race. Some of the typical powerhouses like the Emirates of Hacan and the Yssaril Tribes have only one win between them. We’ll keep you posted as to any changes in these figures.

amount of wins
Races: Amount of Wins

As it stands, Ben and myself have the most wins. But there are several who are nipping at our heels.

New Picture
Players: Amount of Plays

To be fair, I’ve played more games of TI3 since we’ve begun this leaderboard. Also, we’ve played the scenario “Fall of the Empire” twice–neither of those games have been tallied in the charts above. Once we get some more scenario plays under our belt, I’ll be sure to create a separate chart for that.

Our next game of Twilight Imperium will be at the Gaming Annex in Muskegon on 8/10/2014. We are still deciding upon the rule set to use. Once the game is in the books, the charts above will be updated.

-Chris on behalf of the Muskegon Area Gamers

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