The Gaming Annex’s October Wrap Up

Here is a list of the games we played this past month. If you weren’t here, then you missed out! Check out our meet up or facebook page and RSVP.

1. Mage Wars

The Muskegon Area Gamers love Mage Wars more than Magic: The Gathering
Mage Wars










In Arcane Wonders’ Mage Wars, players take on the roles of powerful spell casters who seek to destroy their opponent’s spell caster. You marshal your mana in order to effectively stave off your opponent’s attacks whilst launching your own. You summon creatures to do your bidding. Sound familiar? It should. The theme is 100% the same as Magic: The Gathering. In both M:TG and MW, players can tweak their “decks”. In Mage Wars, however, your entire deck is a book that houses your spells. You have complete access to your spells.

Mage Wars in Muskegon: get on it!
Mage War spell book









The game is also customizable and expandable. You can swap out spells (within limitations) and you can buy extra books if you want a Necromancer or a Druid. I recently upped my rating of this game to “8”. It’s that good.


2. Poker

Muskegon loves itself some Poker, especially Texas Hold 'em tourneys.












The Gaming Annex held its first Texas Hold ’em tournament in October. I think it was successful enough to warrant a sequel. Look for one in December or January.


3. Advanced Civilization

Muskegon Avalon Hill Civilization
Old school gaming













Playing Civilization/Advanced Civilization over two non-consecutive weekends is posing some challenges for the Gaming Annex. We played about 60% of the game in October. The remainder is scheduled for a Sunday in November. If this works out okay, we are going to schedule Twilight Imperium: The Long War in December!


 4. Battlestar Galactica

There's a cylon afoot in Muskegon!
Battlestar Galactica













We taught Dugas how to play BSG this month. He was a cylon from the beginning too. He and Jon managed to destroy humanity a turn before the rest of us would have won.


5. Betrayal at House on the Hill

Muskegon Area Gamers plays Betrayal at House on the Hill ever Halloween
Betrayal at House on the Hill









During our Halloween Gaming session, we broke out this classic. Betrayal at House on the Hill is cooperative-turned-betrayer game. Players investigate a haunted house until the 2nd phase of the game randomly starts. Then one player is typically the bad guy and he is trying to defeat the rest of the team.


6. Touch of Evil

Muskegon has a Touch of Evil ever Halloween
Touch of Evil













Touch of Evil from Flying Frog Games is a light strategy/strong narrative game. Players in colonial America (or is it Europe?) attempt to defeat the evil that is residing in this small town. The game can be competitive or cooperative. Not to be taken too seriously. As such, we usually break this game out at Halloween.


 7. Witch’s Brew

Witches are brewing up something fun in Muskegon.
Witch’s Brew













Witch’s Brew is a light trick taking game where players score points brewing potions. While this is a good game normally, it seemed only appropriate to play this during our Halloween Gaming session. Jon kicked our butts.


 8. Eldritch Horror

Great Old Ones stalk Muskegon in FFG's Eldritch Horror
Eldritch Horror













Dusty taught three noobs how to play Fantasy Flight’s Eldritch Horror. The game lasted most of the night with Dugas’ character kicking butt against monsters. The Great Old One they sparred against was, of course, Cthulhu. And Cthulhu, of course, won. But the noobs seemed to enjoy the game. Dugas even went so far as to say he wanted to own a copy of it.


9. World of Warcraft: The Board Game

Muskegon World of Warcraft
Muskegon loves World of Warcraft











We managed to get a six player game of World of Warcraft to the table in October. The reception was luke warm. All of us enjoyed the game but most of us thought it would be better as a three player co-op. In fact, this is probably how we will tweak the game if/when it gets scheduled again.


 10. Cyclades

Cyclades is a Muskegon favorite. And the expansions are worth owning too.










In Matagot’s Cyclades, players take on Greek factions who bid on the powers of the Hellenic Pantheon in an effort to build or conquer two metropolises. Powerful monsters and brave classical heroes can join your side if you have enough gold. This game plays perfectly with five and is a great Euro/Ameritrash hybrid. A favorite around here!