Vital Statistics of The Gaming Annex: Mid Point of 2016

We haven’t done a vital statistics post in a long time. This was by design. I think the vital stat blog posts are important but kinda boring. We also haven’t had many blog posts in the past two to three weeks. This was because of two very important reasons: we had CabinCon and  my wife finally dragged me off on a honeymoon after two years (hi Debbie!) There has been enough going on lately to finally justify a vital stats post and not have it being completely boring. And this is as good a time as any to break the brief blog hiatus. Please reply if there are other vital stats you would like to see.


1. Game Plays through 2016

Game plays mid way 2016
Game plays mid way 2016

June saw a big uptick in my game plays. This is in part to the fact that we didn’t play too many epic length games last month. (Read: no TI3). And because CabinCon III was last month. June has been the only time in

Top game plays mid way 2016
Top game plays mid way 2016

2016 that I played 70+ games. In my unrelenting quest to break 1,000 game plays in a year, I would have to average 83 game plays a month. 2016 seems like it will not be that year.

The top games I’ve played this year have been Battlelore, Star Wars Rebellion and The Resistance. I would have guessed Star Wars Rebellion would be near the top of the list. It’s a hot item (although readers of this blog know I got burned on the game). But I can’t believe Battlelore is my #1 game so far of this year.

Battlelore's Chaos Lord
Battlelore’s Chaos Lord

Battlelore is a great game, to be sure. But I would not have thought it as my most played game of 2016. But a closer look at the data may reveal why this is the case: none of the games have been played even double digits. Battlelore has only been played 9 times. This means that I am playing a plethora of games once or twice instead of a few games many times.


2. Attendance through 2016

Attendance through 2016
Attendance through 2016

Our attendance has been through the roof lately. We finally broke 100 attendees at our various functions in June. CabinCon helped a lot. But our attendance has been strong for a few months now.

Attendance by day of the week
Attendance by day of the week

The biggest area of growth has been on Thursdays. Thursdays have surpassed our Sundays for attendance. This chart shows all of 2016. But if we look at just June, Thursday had 44 attendees which is higher than even Tuesday night’s 34. Our Thursday night crew is really solid!


3. Individual statistics

Top 12 attendees through 2016
Top 12 attendees through 2016

Here we see a chart of individual attendance stats. Only the first names of people are posted. Except for Nick Sima.

The usual suspects top the attendance track: Nick Sima, Kevin, Dusty, Jon and myself. But there are new faces on here that were not on 2015’s roster. Missing are Jake and Charles from 2015. And Jeremy and Brandi have replaced them.


4. Google Analytics

June 2016 Google Analytics
June 2016 Google Analytics

I started a google analytics account for our two websites. This chart shows the data from June 2016. We get lots of hits from Grand Rapids. This is probably when I’m supposed to be working but I’m actually writing magnificent blog posts.

I’m really curious about the 48 hits from Detroit. Do we have followers from the east side? (REPRESENT!)

I see a following in Kalamazoo too. Our reach is growing. 🙂

Of course Muskegon, Norton Shores, Grand Haven and Allendale would be from our regular attendees and/or blog followers. you guys.


5. Our group

Muskegon Area Gamers

Muskegon, MI
129 Muskegon Area Gamers

This group is for anyone interested in playing board games, card games or any table top game. This group learns and teachs new games all the time. We welcome fresh players. We…

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